Beautifully written it says the unsayable, crackling with insights at once profoundly consoling and terrifying, her finds are universal - The Washington Post Book World

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Inheritance - Jane Lazarre Some Place Quite Unknown - Jane Lazarre Beyond the Whitenes - Jane Lazarre Wet Heart and Dreams - Jane Lazarre The Mother Knot - Jane Lazarre The Powers of Charlotte - Jane Lazarre


Jane Lazarre is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, including memoir, journalism and essay. She is the author of the novels: Some Place Quite Unknown (Hamilton Stone Editions), Some Kind of Innocence (Dial Press), The Powers of Charlotte (Crossing Press, Painted Leaf Press), Worlds Beyond My Control (Dutton, Painted Leaf Press).


Inheritance - a novel

Announcing the publication of Jane Lazarreā€™s news novel, Inheritance

Jane Lazarre's compelling novel explores America's mixed racial history through the lives of four families whose fates are intertwined across several generations from slavery to the present.